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Table Of Contents In APA And MLA - What Are The Differences |Guidelines 2021

Disclaimer: This article is far from being meticulously detailed, but it should help you get through the most challenging yet understandable way of presenting the table of contents in your Write My Paper or term papers.


American psychological association is a professional and scientific organization and it represents all the psychologists in the United States of America. This style is most commonly used to cite papers in the domain of social sciences.


Modern Language Association is the principal association for scholars of literature and language. This style of documentation can be applied to many types of academic writing. This format is mainly preferred for subjects that come under the domain of humanities for instance literature and history.

Introduction to Table of Contents

In American Psychological Association (APA) formatting or Modern Language Association (MLA), tables of contents are a terrific way to present the initial details of a research paper or any essay. To report a narrative of literature review, important methods or findings of your study, a table of contents can prove to be instrumental in enhancing the general understanding of the readers.

Functions of a Table of Contents

A table of contents page allows the Essay Writer to navigate through their required sections in a document which is present online easily. Readers are also presented with an overview of the major headings and details of an extensive document. In some areas, a table of contents page serves as the introduction to a research and can be a decisive factor to help readers proceed with their reading process.

Are you stuck with presenting the initial information in an aesthetically pleasing way to your intended readers? Is the topic of APA vs MLA also getting you agitated about the right choice? Stick to this article to know the key differences between table of contents in APA and MLA formatting.

Table of contents should demonstrate how the rest of the paper is organized and what major topics are addressed in the paper. Every section of the paper must be included in the table of contents and the proper corresponding page numbers should be mentioned. The readers can easily find information on the research papers if there are only descriptive headlines present on the paper.

What exactly meets the requirement of a table of contents in APA formatting?

An APA table of contents automatically updates the page numbers for all the headings which are on different levels throughout the research paper. When a student is following APA formatting it is ideal to make the table of contents early in the writing process.

Students must make the table of contents adjustable to different headings or you can also avail a Paper Writing Service help. For this purpose, specific styles should be manually set for different levels of heading in APA.

The title of the table of contents is mostly preferred to be placed in the center of the page and it must be in all uppercase letters. It should be known that there are no specific guidelines or rules regarding the title according to APA formatting.

What exactly meets the requirement of a table of contents in MLA formatting?

If a MLA-style paper is long enough it can contain a table of contents. There are no strict requirements regarding various sections all headings in a table of content but here are some suggested sections which students can incorporate in the table of contents page if they are following MLA formatting:

  • Acknowledgments
  •  Foreword
  •  Introduction To The Research
  •  Headings On The Body Paragraphs 
  • Conclusion Or Summary 
  • Explanatory Notes 
  • Appendices
  •  Contacts Of The Concerned Organisations Are People
  •  Glossary Of The Research Paper
  •  Works Cited 
  • Indices
  • Any information about figures, charts, or illustrations