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How to make a perfect essay Introduction? Guide 2021

Do you want readers to read your essay with undivided attention? Do you want your professor to approach your essay more positively? Well, everyone wants readers to read the entire content of their essay but not everyone can write essays that one can read to the end without losing attention. Most of the readers only read the essay introduction to decide if they are going to continue reading or quit it. Therefore, if you want readers to read your entire essay, you have to make them read by writing a perfectly engaging essay introduction. Writing a good introduction is the only way to essay writing service cheap and get good grades in your essay writing assignments. If you have written a strong and effective essay introduction, your professor will continue reading your essay with a more positive attitude. However, if you begin your essay with a lousy introduction, your instructor is going to lower down his/her expectations. Essay writing is an important skill for students. If you want to get good grades and make a difference you have to start writing quality introductions.

However, writing an essay introduction has never been an easy task for students, especially for those who have no love for academic writing. When you find yourself staring at the blank computer screen for several minutes, you get frustrated and end up essay writing service legit. In such moments of frustration, it gets very tricky to find an interesting way to begin your essay. However, if you know the purpose of an introduction and the things that are a crucial part of an essay introduction, you will manage to write a quality introduction.

What is the purpose of an introduction?

An essay introduction Is the first paragraph of any essay. In this paragraph, an essay writer does not only have to captivate the attention of the reader but also have to make sure that the readers understand the topic and get an idea of what you are going to talk about in your essay. You have to provide a clear idea to the reader what your essay is going to be about.

What to include in an essay introduction?

Before you put pen to best essay writing service and paper, you must understand what a reader, or your teacher, may expect in the essay introduction. Use the following list to make sure that you have written an informative and engaging introduction:

  • In the introduction, you have to show it to the reader that you have fully understood the essay prompt by addressing the essay question.
  • You also have to show to the reader that you have a strong grasp over the subject and will be providing substantial answers to the essay questions, in your essay.
  • You must also give an overview of your essay in the essay introduction. You can do that by summarizing the outline of your essay.
  • You should also provide evidence to the reader that you are well aware of the subject and know its significance and relevance beyond the essay. You can do that by briefly discussing the bigger picture of the essay topic.

Structure of an essay introduction

A good essay introduction has the following three key elements:

  • Hook statement
  • Background and contextualization of the essay topic
  • Thesis statement

Know that you know what are three important parts of your essay, let’s look at them individually. You can learn to write a perfect essay introduction by working on each section separately.

Hooking the reader

You probably have heard the old adage that the first impression is the last impression. Some of you might not agree with this statement, but believe me, in the case of your essay, the opening sentence sets the tone of the whole essay. Therefore, it is imperative that you come up with a strong opening sentence. Many professional essay writers suggest you start your essay with a bang. By bang, they mean a strong and unbelievable fact relevant to your topic. If you are struggling to find a strong hook statement, here are some useful techniques to come up with a bewitching hook statement:

  • Start with a question (scroll up and check how I begin this blog)
  • An unbelievable fact
  • A relevant anecdote
  • A not so common but relevant and strong quotation

Contextualizing the essay topic

After hooking the attention of the readers, you have to make sure that the reader understands the topic and is ready for the discussion. You have to ensure that by providing a brief background of your essay topic. You can do that by briefly providing the history of the issue under consideration. You can also summarize the current debates on the topic.

Always remember that essay introductions flow from general to specific.

You have to start with a bigger picture. You have to start with a broad perspective but you should make sure that you are clearly focused and all the information is leading to the central idea of your essay. You have to stay relevant and keep in mind that you do not have to give evidence in this section. You should save them for the later part of your essay.

Composing the thesis statement

After contextualizing, it’s time to establish your position on the topic. This will be your thesis statement, the central idea of your essay. In the coming body paragraphs, you will be discussing this sentence. It is not compulsory to limit your thesis statement to one sentence but you should try to cheap essay writing service. You can keep the following key aspects in your mind to write a strong thesis statement:

  • It should clearly state your position
  • It should be debatable
  • There should be no ambiguity surrounding your position on the topic
  • It should clear and precise