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The language of the brain is electric energy. The combined activity of neurons sending and receiving signals of electric impulse result in a brainwave pattern — a good indicator of your mood, energy, emotional state, and level of consciousness that you are experiencing at any given time.

Binaural beats is a therapeutic audio technique that uses specific wave patterns to promote certain mental states. When it comes to achieving a deeply invigorating experience of meditation, theta binaural beats provide the ideal space for this to take place.

Audio therapy is a comfortable way to attain full relaxation while accessing deeper levels of meditation. To experience these lucid states of relaxation and higher consciousness all you need to do is get comfortable, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the moment.

The five main types of binaural beats that exist are:

Theta – deep relaxation, meditation, mental imagery, intuition, memory.

Gamma – focus, advanced learning, inspiration, pure cognitive awareness.

Beta – fully awake, alertness, helps achieve peak performance, normal waking state.

Alpha – calm, flow, engaged with moment, creativity, relaxed awareness.

Delta – immersed in subconscious, healing, deep, dreamless sleep.

The Exciting Realm of Theta Meditation

Theta waves are where you are in pure euphoric meditation. This is where you have access to an aspect of your mind that lies between the conscious and the subconscious realm of memory and lucid mental imagery. 

Theta is a fascinating brain state. Sometimes referred to as the twilight mind, theta is where your mind is able to enter a dreamlike state without actually falling asleep. From this conscious awareness, you are exposed to bursts of insight from your subconscious mind. Theta is the frequency of intuition, mental imagery, and vibrant meditation.

This level of mediation is not only reserved for the advanced practitioner. Luckily for anyone who is just getting started with meditation, brainwave therapy using theta binaural beats can help stimulate this process, making it easier to enter insightful meditative states, even if you are a beginner to meditation.

Benefits of Theta Binaural Beats:

Theta binaural beats occur at a frequency of 4-8 hertz.

Accelerated learning  
In theta state, your mind is extremely receptive to even the most sensitive amounts of information. With a refined connection to all of your senses, theta state is related to the ability to learn and retain information much more effectively. This is an extraordinary ability that can become especially useful.

Theta binaural beats also allow you to access vivid accounts of information stored deep within your subconscious storehouse. These spontaneous bursts of imagery arise in the form of insight and intuition that can be sensed within your entire body. Advanced meditators and people that have experienced this insightful mental state refer to this experience as getting in touch with your ‘inner wisdom.’

Relaxed awareness
The meditation powers of theta are also linked to the relaxation response in your brain. When entering this natural state of relaxed coherence, the sensations of a tranquil mind will cause your body to feel light and full of energy. This is the release of consistent theta waves, energizing and healing your entire body. While in a deep meditative state, your mind is extremely calm and your body is able to replenish and rejuvenate its energy.

Elevated concentration and memory
Healthy vibration of theta state provides an intense experience of mental clarity and concentration. This helps improve memory and augment the capacity to stay focused on one thing at at time. Theta binaural beats meditation is perfect for right before a long studying session, reading, or even high intensity sports.

Energy of flow state
Time seems to stand still and all mental and physical energy is concentrated into the sensations of the present moment. This euphoric feeling is accompanied by the release of naturally stimulating endorphins in the brain. Theta is the state of razor sharp clarity and focus, often reported in extreme athletic events, artistic creativity, and yoga.

Organic healing power
Also referred to as the healing waves, theta is associated with feelings of deep peace and inner calm. Healthy amounts of theta have even been reported to cause amount of necessary sleep to decrease in regular meditators.

Theta binaural beats meditation provides an extremely beneficial environment to lower your blood pressure and heart rate frequency. We are also able breathe noticeably more deeply. Theta binaural beats are great for your overall health as well as your meditative practice.

The Spark
iAwake Technologies has introduced a theta binaural meditation program titled The Spark. With the help of this enhanced audio, you can tap into the healing potential that is accessed through the transcending quality of theta binaural beats. iAwake Technology is a leader in psychoacoustic theory and bilateral stimulation.

The Spark offers a very unique experience. Throughout the session, you should feel a deep lasting sense of ‘belaxation.’ This term was coined to describe the feeling of relaxation and simultaneous sense of truly ‘being’ that occurs after a session of theta binaural beats meditation. This is the sensation of true content, without the need of anything else to occupy your moment.

In order to produce this audio session, the artists who crafted this sonic layered composition have produced a varied tonal experience which will allow you to reduce hyperactivity, regain a sense of calmness, and experience harmony in your physical body.

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