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Where to play Sudoku online the best sites and apps

The Sudoku game is not for everyone, as you need to be gifted with a lot of logic but also a lot of patience. Japanese term that indicates in Italian "only solitary numbers are allowed" and therefore imposes strict rules. There are several sites and apps to play Sudoku online and even for free (as we have also seen for UNO online, online Chess and to play online multiplayer). The game was invented in the early 18th century by Euler of Basel, a Swiss mathematician. But only towards the end of 1900 did the game undergo a modernization, first in America and then in Japan, starting to be known from 2005. This thanks to the presence of this game in magazines and editorial periodicals. After an initial period of "experimentation", Sudoku has become one of the most popular games for lovers of numbers and logic.

Sudoku: how to play

As already mentioned, it is clearly a game of logic, which therefore involves concentration and calm. There is a 9 × 9 cell grid; each of them contains either a number ranging from 1 to 9 or is presented as empty. The grid is divided into 9 vertical, 9 horizontal and 9 so-called “sub-grids”, made up of 3 × 3 adjacent cells. Also called regions, they are bordered by bold edges. The grids, in total, have 20 to 35 cells with one number. The goal of the game is to fill the white boxes with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. It will be up to the player to finish the game, managing to fill each row and each column with a single number, always different from the other.

Therefore, in a column - or region - all the numbers must be present, without ever repeating themselves. If done correctly, it will show a Latin square that will represent victory.

The various levels of difficulty: Diabolic, Difficult, Killer and more
Like any self-respecting game, there are various difficulty levels. Whether you are talking about the traditional one or you are talking about Sudoku online, only a trained mind can try to solve the most complicated puzzles.

For a player - or a solver - at the first experience, the easy level is always recommended, especially to allow the newcomer to understand the rules of the game. After that, if you can solve the first step in a short time, you can opt for different levels of difficulty, which are: beginner, easy, medium, difficult and expert (also considered diabolical). In some games you can find the difficulty levels in English, they correspond perfectly to the Italian criteria: Very easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very hard (or evil).

Clearly, the higher the level, the more complex the path to be traced. Therefore, according to the difficulty, there will be more empty boxes without numbers, to be filled in order to always try to achieve the same goal: to fill each grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 without ever repeating themselves.

For the more passionate, it is recommended to use the Deskblock useful for taking notes during the game:

Once you are introduced to this game, let's find out which are the 5 best Sudoku sites online. In addition to the graphics and ease of playing, relevant elements can be the ability to challenge friends and opponents and to be able to train constantly whenever you want.

Here are the best 5 sites to play for free and online:

Sudoku IT: it is one of the most used sites in Italy to play Sudoku online, it does not require registration to play and it is possible to use 4 levels of difficulty. It also offers the possibility of being able to print the grid to be able to play it even offline.

Sudokuhit: with simple and tidy graphics, the beauty of this site is that it pushes you to play with speed and concentration, to beat your opponents on time. It is simple to understand and has 4 difficulty levels.

Sudoku Live: site in English but with an Italian version, has good graphics, in addition to the immediacy of the site. We have the possibility to play and challenge other users, to have our own ranking with the beaten and personal records; plus you can play the same pattern as many times as you want, in order to train and practice more and more.

Web Sudoku: this in English, but easy to understand. In addition to being able to play online, it allows you to download and print different patterns, so you can play them manually. A good alternative for those who want to train at all times.

Sudoku Kingdom: Unlike the second, it does not preserve the various schemes with which it trains or plays, but in turn highlights the numbers that interest us to complete the game. This allows not only to speed up the times, but also to understand possible errors, highlighting all the numbers equal to the one I selected at that moment (for example, if I selected 1, it would highlight all those present to make me understand how many are and if they are already present in that grid).

FantaVillage: Italian site, presents the weekly column of the Republic, which dedicates a small space every day to games, including Sudoku, with a scheme that can have one of two levels of difficulty between "medium" and "advanced". Especially useful as a workout, if the pattern of the day is too difficult, we can keep it and resume it later, while training with the previous ones. Initially free but now no longer working due to lack of support for Flash Player, now you need to register to access.

Best App to Play Sudoku on Smartphone

Speaking of Apps instead, you can find more different ones to play on your Android or iOS device from Apple, let's see which are the best:

Play Sudoku on Android

Sudoku: train your mind, expanding your logic. With very good reviews, quick installation and easy use.

Free online Sudoku: even if the word "free" appears in the game title, it is actually only possible to play it for a month. After that you need to subscribe to Google One.

Playing Sudoku on iOS

Sudoku Quest: is one of the most used apps on iPhone and iPad to play Sudoku. After each victory it is possible to level up. it is the app of the homonymous site which is also one of the most used and appreciated.

Sudoku to print

If you want to dedicate yourself to this game when you have some free time and in peace, without having to be in front of a screen, some sites offer the possibility of printing different game grids.

Sudoku IT is the first site that allows you to print the grids by simply clicking on the Print button, then you can directly send the file eg. to your multifunction laser printer or Wi-Fi printer. It allows you to print only one grid per sheet.

With this site, however, you can directly generate up to 20 A4 sheets with 6 grids per sheet. After choosing the level of difficulty of your sudoku puzzles, the site modifies the PDF according to the options and starts the download of the file that you can save on your PC or on a USB stick to print from another location.

However, it must be said that if you do not have a laser printer, it is cheaper to buy a magazine with more than 1000 sudoku puzzles to solve than to print them on paper:

Sudoku for children

If, on the other hand, you want to introduce your child to this logic game, you can try the easy level of the newly reviewed sites and apps or take a look at these sites:

MiniSudoku allows children or those who have never played it before using 4 × 4 cells to approach this game. Furthermore, it will be possible to choose the difficulty levels from very easy to very difficult.

Sudokus has a simpler operation and is always suitable for children. It consists of 4 2 × 2 cells.