MyNHPCO is an online networking community that connects member hospice and palliative care professionals and volunteers from across the country.  Similar to other popular networking sites, MyNHPCO gives you the power to share your experiences and knowledge with your peers.  It allows you to  participate in end-of-life care discussions through blogging, document sharing, resource ranking, eGroups—our new list serve-- and much, much more!


NHPCO is a leader in the end-of-life care community.  We work to ensure that our members have the proper tools, accurate information, and quality services so they can provide the highest quality end-of-life care.  It is our hope that you use MyNHPCO as a powerful tool to stay connected to the field and reach beyond the walls of your organization to network and learn from professionals across the country.


The MyNHPCO library allows members to upload useful documents to share with other end-of-life care professionals.  You can upload Word documents, .PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, images in any format, even streaming video.  Although file sharing is encouraged, please remember that the most accurate and up to date information on issues such as regulations, compliance, and legislation is always found on www.nhpco.org.


Personal profiles provide you with the opportunity to connect around topics that matter most to you. You can create a bio, select personal and professional interests, and list educational achievements.  You are automatically a part of a vibrant community of healthcare professionals exchanging ideas and experiences.

NHPCO has already set up networks based on key demographics.  Whether you are serving patients in a rural and/or urban area we have provided networks by region, city, and organization. We also provide a space for people to connect before and after an NHPCO conference or event.

Visit MyNHPCO daily to share, care and connect!