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Media Crisis Communications for Hospices (Chat Slides and Recording) 

10-02-2018 10:26

October 2018 Development/PR/Marketing Section Chat

While every hospice can and should work to provide high-quality care for each patient, there can sometimes be circumstances beyond our control. Investigative news outlets are always looking for stories, and complex family dynamics or anticipatory grief may cause a caregiver to contact the media. Whatever the cause, in the modern era hospices need to have a plan for what to do if they believe local or national media may be planning to do an unflattering story on their organization.

In this chat, Caroline Laurin, Director with the public relations firm Reingold discussed how to develop a media crisis plan we hope your organization never has to use.

Here presentation covered the do’s and don’ts of crisis response, how to prep for on-camera interviews, and other best practices in ongoing crisis monitoring and response.

Additional Resource
You may also want check out NHPCO's Crisis Communications Planning Guide in the Outreach Tools Section of the NHPCO website,

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